Blue Heron BrewPub is both a brewery and  restaurant located in the historic Parkin Place building of Marshfield, WI. The brewpub is located on the main floor, with a special events venue upstairs. Our brewery is a 7 barrel system that produces our flagship brands along with many other seasonal and specialty brews. Our taps our constantly rotating, so please check our website to see what’s new. Grab your crew and have a brew at the Blue Heron!

Our History

Over the Years

July 2021

New Owners
Renell & Justin Graff

Friends, we said that big changes were coming to the Blue Heron BrewPub and they start today! Paula and Tom Hinke join Rita and me in welcoming new owners to the Blue Heron BrewPub. Beginning today, Renell and Justin Graff take over as sole owners. Many of you will recognize Justin as the individual who has been our Head Brewer during the past year (plus). We have appreciated his brewing talents and tastes as have many of you. Renell will step in as Manager of the House. We are confident that together they are the ideal owners for the next decade at the Blue Heron BrewPub.


A second change you will notice is a new logo for the Pub. The feisty little heron of the past will be retired in favor of the “hoppy” fellow. Together the two herons represent both the past and the future at the Blue Heron BrewPub!! If you want to know what Rita and I are planning for the future, come on down to the Pub, raise a pint, and we will tell you!


Paul Meier, FORMER Owner.
2008 - June 2021

Great Food & Beverages Served

The past years have brought many changes; names change, personnel change, and menus change. One thing does not change – our commitment to you, our patrons and friends. Great food and good beverages served with Central Wisconsin hospitality are our goals.

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy a pint, lunch, an appetizer, or dinner. Appreciate the companionship of friends or family. We want your experience at our establishments to be thoroughly enjoyable and comfortably satisfying.


Tom & Paula Hinke
Paul & Rita Meier


Name Change

In October, 2008 our brew pub changed its name from Central Waters BrewPub to the Blue Heron BrewPub to acquire a brewer designated exclusively for handcrafted brewing at our facility. Rick Sauer, our brewer at the time, was accomplished at crafting original beers from our own recipes with expertise. He introduced some amazing beers, and continued to introduce new beers for your tasting and enjoyment for numerous years.



When we opened in 2005, we were privileged to be associated with several local brewers who resided in Junction City, WI. With their help, unique beers were crafted for brewing and distribution exclusively at our BrewPub. Honey Blonde, Tiger’s Eye, and Loch Ness Scotch Ale, remain our signature beers today, along with other original recipes that are rotated through the tap lines. As we have grown and as other business interests have developed, there has been a transition in brewing personnel. 



Nothing lasts forever, either people or buildings. After the dairy facilities were sold and closed down, the building served as a storage facility, home for a bar, shops, and an apartment. With no specific purpose, gradual deterioration occurred. In 2004, we decided to restore and revitalize the old brick structure into a modern brew pub and restaurant facility. We have developed a dining complex that literally has something for everyone – all under one roof. The building has been entirely renovated and upgraded to conform to community needs and modern safety codes. Accessibility to both West 14th (located upstairs) and Blue Heron BrewPub (downstairs) is available to all ages and levels of need. 


Parkin Place Built

Built in 1941 by a prominent Marshfield family as a dairy processing plant, this building served Marshfield until the family business was sold in 1966. Some of you may remember the “Susie Bar” or “Todd Twins”; these dairy desserts were named after Susie and Todd Parkin, the grandchildren of Wilbur Parkin and children of John and Clyle Parkin. In addition to being a “state of the art ice cream facility”, Wisconsin dairy politics was also a part of this building’s past. The “Milk Wars” fought here in Marshfield between grocery retailers and the local dairy producers helped consolidate the modern dairy cooperatives today. The organization that John Parkin helped to start is the same organization that, today, brings us the famous “Got Milk?” campaign and other promotional efforts.

Parkin Dairy was noted for the elegant molded ice cream desserts that were made to order and featured regularly at parties and dinners around Marshfield. Some of these original, unique molds are displayed here today because of the generous loan of the Parkin family. Some day we may have the courage to actually try and use the mold, and provide you with a nostalgic ice cream dessert.


Become Part of Our story


Become Part of Our story