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Now open for dine-in and takeout/curbside. Mon-Thurs 11-9pm; Fri-Sat 11-9:30pm. Delivery is limited to pre-arranged orders. In addition, The Oven above the Pub will remain closed until we are able to recruit adequate staffing. If you know of any qualified cooks, please send them our way.



Honey Blonde

Cream/Blonde Ale Hybrid - This golden libation has just the right balance of clean malt, Wisconsin corn, aromatic hops, and a touch of Marshfield's own Hauke honey. Not too strong or bitter, this beer is made for everyday enjoyment.

OG 1.050; ABV 4.7%; IBU 17

Tiger's Eye

English Mild Ale - A pub staple in England due to it's relatively low alcohol yet rich malt body. We start with 100% pale ale malt, a touch of black malt for color, and gently hop with English Fuggles and Goldings. For those who think darker beers mean more alcohol - this is the lowest alcohol beer we brew!

OG 1.046; ABV 3.7%; IBU 15

Loch Ness Strong Scotch Ale

Our 90+ schilling is far and away a wee heavy. Hop presence is kept low to allow the full richness of seven different malts to shine through.

OG 1.070; ABV 7.7%; IBU 22.

Hub City Lager

The newest Hub City Lager brings you the delicate sweet malt flavors of a Munich Helles. The use of floor malted Bohemian Pilsner results in a crystal clear light flavored approachable beer. This is a beer of any season and any for any reason.

OG 1.052; ABV 5.5%; IBU 28



Smooth, clean and rich with a depth of malt character. This Oktoberfest presents a golden orange color with a light white frothy head. Vienna, Munich and Pilsner malts along with Mt Hood Hops comprise this German traditional brew. Starts sweet, but quickly presents its complex and lightly spicy body. Prost!

ABV 5.3%; IBU 19

P3 - Parkin' Place Porter

P3 is a new beer to the Blue Heron which explores the robust side of the Porter style. A dark malt intensity and flavor gives this American Porter an aromatic punch of roast. The intense hop character is not far behind with generous additions of Amarillo which imparts floral, tropical and citrus characteristics. To provide some contrast, lingering in the background is the earthy spice of Rye. There is a lot to explore in this beer!

ABV 6.5%; IBU 60


Our Parkin Place Porter infused with roasted peanuts!

ABV 6.5%; IBU 60

Tapper's Tripel

This unfiltered and complex beer features flavors and aromas of Belgian candi sugar, overripe banana, orange peel, and finishes with an alcoholic bite. Made for sipping while you unravel all the wonderful flavors and aromas, this beer softens and changes week by week, always bringing a new dimension to the table.

ABV 9.8%; IBU 27

Hop Harvest Pale Ale

The annual hop harvest brings this resinous wonder to life. Hops grown and cared for by our brewer have made it into a few kegs of our pale ale. For a limited time experience what fresh, wet, whole leaf Cascade hops straight off the bine contribute to this beer. If you like hops you will love this beer.

ABV 6.5%; IBU 61

Maiden Rock Honeycrisp Cider

Natural semi-dry hard cider: Like the apple that is its namesake, Honeycrisp Hard cider is distinctive, snappy and sassy. It tickles the paplate with a crescendo of subtle flavors and a crisp, lingering finish. (served in bottles)

ABV 6.8%

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