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Hop Heart IPA

A citrusy NW style IPA, this brew has the aroma and flavor of a BIG IPA with the bitterness of a pale ale. Lots of late addition, low alpha-acid hop additions gives this beer all the flavor you want without the face puckering bitterness. Aroma of mango, pineapple and grapefruit, with a balanced malt character and a sweet yet dry finish leaves you wanting another sip. Cheers!

OG 1.060; ABV 7.1%; IBU 55

Honey Blonde

Cream/Blonde Ale Hybrid - This golden libation has just the right balance of clean malt, Wisconsin corn, aromatic hops, and a touch of Marshfield's own Hauke honey. Not too strong or bitter, this beer is made for everyday enjoyment.

OG 1.050; ABV 4.7%; IBU 17

Tiger's Eye

English Mild Ale - A pub staple in England due to it's relatively low alcohol yet rich malt body. We start with 100% pale ale malt, a touch of black malt for color, and gently hop with English Fuggles and Goldings. For those who think darker beers mean more alcohol - this is the lowest alcohol beer we brew!

OG 1.046; ABV 3.7%; IBU 15


Au Nord Biere de Garde

The Blue Heron BrewPub along with the local M*A*S*H brew club roll out the third and final collaboration brew of 2017: Au Nord Biere de Garde. Biere de Garde is a rather old, rare, and elusively broad style of beer of Franco-Belgian origin generally known for its sweet and slightly sour prominent maltiness, extremely light hop profile, and grassy, almost "wild" undertones imparted by the yeast and fermentation process. Cheers to the North with this complex and potent old-world ale!

OG 1.071; ABV 7.8%; IBU 16

Heron Go Bragh-less Stout

Blue Heron's Heron Go Bragh-less Stout is a big, bouncy tingler of the senses. Rich, creamy, and full-bodied, this opaque ebony quaff pays flavorful homage to its Irish heritage. So hold nothing back--embrace the taste! Slainte mhaith!

OG 1.625; ABV 6.5%; IBU 30

Hub City Lager 2016

BHBP has now tapped Hub City Lager 2016, a Czech-style Pilsner that is epitomized in this clean, crisp, world-renowned style. Crafted with Bohemian-American barley malt and Saaz hops, Hub City Lager is an ideal "starter brew" for beer fans who have yet to savor and appreciate beer created locally, for local enjoyment, and not just mass-produced and anonymously distributed. Hub City Lager--This is Ours--This is us! Cheers!

OG 1.052; ABV 5.4%; IBU 28

Loch Ness Strong Scotch Ale

Our 90+ schilling is far and away a wee heavy. Hop presence is kept low to allow the full richness of seven different malts to shine through.

OG 1.070; ABV 7.7%; IBU 22.

Old Knothead Barley Wine '16

By their very nature, barley wines are the granddaddy of ales. Big in every way: malty, hoppy, boozy, and embracing sip after rich, glorious, complex sip, the Blue Heron's Old Knothead is our nod to this regaled and illustrious brewing tradition. Also of note is this brew's self-descriptive, eponymous nomenclature regarding its creator: here's mud in your eye!

OG 1.100; ABV 11.2%; IBU 60

Rauch 'Em Sock 'Em Smoked Ale

Rauch (pronounced rowk) bier is among Germany's oldest and noblest beer styles, with the city of Bamberg at its epicenter. Delicious all by itself or paired with favorite meat and cheese dishes, our Rauch 'Em Sock 'Em greets the palate with slight malt sweetness and elusive teasings of tawny smoke flavor. Prost!

OG 1.056; ABV 6.1%; IBU 25

Right on Red ALE

The BHBP proudly presents Right on Red ALE, a medium-bodied light amber session brew. This mild, pleasant ale, with light touches of Cascade and Amarillo hops is the first leg of an experiment for the brewery. Soon we will brewing this exact recipe again but with a lager yeast strain in place of the ALE presented here. So don't get your signals crossed--this first turn is the Right on Red ALE. Enjoy!

OG 1.054; ABV 5.5%; IBU 34

Southbound Chili Rye Ale

Bienvenido! The Blue Heron migrates south with the Pub's offering of Southbound Chili Rye Ale. The smooth, rich flavor and texture of rye malt pairs with sassy red pepper spiciness lingering and blending with the lush greenness of Anaheims and Jalapenos, transporting the taster on a delightful multicultural beer journey whether alone or paired with favorite Blue Heron and Oven Above the Pub dishes. Arriba! Abajo! Adentro!

OG 1.060; ABV 6.3%; IBU 25

Sweet Beak Amaretto Wheat

And now for something completely different: the Blue Heron BrewPub presents its patrons with Sweet Beak Amaretto Wheat ale. Aromatic but not perfumey, this brew is a crisp, golden American wheat ale infused with the exotic and enticing flavor of amaretto. Slightly nutty, slightly candy-like, with just a touch of twangy tang, this otherwise simple ale gives the taster a pleasing, transcontinental palette for the palate. Sweet Beak Amaretto Wheat. Cent anni!

OG 1.060; ABV 6.4%; IBU 23

Tapper's Tripel

This unfiltered and complex beer features flavors and aromas of Belgian candi sugar, clove, banana, orange peel and warming alcohol notes. Made for sipping while you ponder all the wondrous character and detail, the beer mellows and changes week to week, always bringing a new dimension to the table.

OG 1.087; ABV 10.1%; IBU 27

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